Platinum Rings

The strength and high melting point of this metal is what caught the attention of many scientists, but with plenty of extraction challenges of pure platinum, delays in use were experienced till the end of the 18th century. In 1786, the first successful extraction was made by Pierre-Francois Chabaneu and in good amount for that matter. He later presented Pope Pius VI with a platinum chalice and went ahead to establish a production company to start the platinum age in Spain. From here it started being used in different items including royal crowns and utensils, military aircraft and engagement rings.

This precious metal is rare and remains to be amongst the rarest on the planet. This rarity coupled with its tedious and prolonged extraction makes it amongst the most valuable substances too. Platinum rings have brought in lots of competition to its gold counterpart with most people including celebrities now choosing platinum engagement rings as romantic gestures and status symbols.

Platinum rings have become very popular majorly because of their high quality finish that makes them stand out from other rings. These rings are also quite low in maintenance, making them some of the best for every day rings like wedding bands and engagement rings. The metal also has hypo-allergenic properties. These properties push their popularity to the top of the list, especially for individuals with sensitive skin. While such people face problems wearing the other metals, they find comfort in platinum rings making a huge difference.

Platinum rings are versatile in terms of design. They can be made into any desired design without losing their quality and elegance. You will find impressive collections of trendy engagement rings so you would be lucky enough to have one designed just for you and to your exact specifications. Platinum is shiny and silky although not that shimmery. This white metal is therefore very easy to work with any outfit considering you will be wearing your engagement ring or wedding band every single day of your life. The gorgeous metal makes the fingers stand out compared to what sterling silver or white gold can achieve. You will love how unique the rings look on and off.

Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are the hardest naturally made substance on earth. This is what makes them great for jewelry, but also makes them great for other things, too. Industrial companies that drill through the earth may sometimes use diamonds since they are so hard. If you are imagining a huge diamond shaped like a drill bit, this is not very accurate! These companies simply incorporate diamonds into their drill bits in order to make them more durable. Dentists may also use diamonds in order to drill through teeth. Human teeth are pretty durable so it will take some pretty tough material to drill through them or to remove them if necessary. People who are getting veneers may end up being drilled on with diamonds. How fancy is that?

Loose diamonds have to come a long way before you see them in your local jewelry store. They actually come from deep within the earth: about one hundred miles beneath, to be more clear! They begin as carbon molecules and since they are exposed to such extreme conditions (like heat and pressure), they bond together in a lattice-structure that make them more durable than ever so they can survive these conditions. You may be wondering how they get from the center of the earth to closer to the surface though, and the answer is volcanic eruptions. These eruptions thrust the carbon molecules that have since turned to rough diamonds closer toward the surface of the earth so diamond miners can only dig a couple hundred feet instead of miles to find their prizes. Once the loose diamonds are excavated, they will be cut, polished and sold to the massive diamond distributors that provide them to your local jewelry stores for you to enjoy.

Quick Hair Care

Add Volume to Hair – Tip your head upside down and mist hair roots with hairspray. Style hair as usual.

Revive Limp Straight Hair – Separate your hair into three or four sections on top and at the sides of your face. Mist each section with volumizing spray. Roll your hair up with one or two inch Velcro rollers. Blow dry your hair and keep rollers in until hair has cooled. Take rollers out and style.

Revive Limp Curly Hair – Part your hair into four or five sections. Curl each section with a curling iron. Finish with a small application of light pomade.

Smelly Hair Fix – Add a few drops of perfume into a spray bottle filled with water. Spritz hair all over. Or, apply a little bit of baby powder into your hair and brush it in.

Tame Frizzy Curls – Spritz your hair with water from a spray bottle or scrunch sections of hair with a damp washcloth. Apply a dime size amount of curl enhancer product all through your hair. Let hair dry naturally.

Tame Unruly Bangs – Apply a styling product to your bangs. Hold bangs out from your face with a brush or your fingers. Blow dry your bangs in the direction you wish your hair to settle. Example: If you want your bangs to lay down straight, then aim the blow dryer downward.