Types Of Gemstone Jewelry

Composite gemstones

These are gemstones made from a small piece of a desirable, genuine stone that has been combined with an imitation or inexpensive stone. There are two main types of composite gemstones that you can come across in the market: Doublets and triplets. Doublets are made from large, inexpensive piece of material topped by a slice of gemstone. Triplets are units that are assembled in three parts instead of two. The divisions are hard to pick unless you observe them under the microscope.

Even if you don’t have the knowledge on gemstones you can tell that the stones being sold to you are not real by their names. If you come across gemstones with fancy names such as American ruby, Oriental emerald, or Australian jade, raise a red flag and ask a professional to take a look at them.

Stabilized and reconstituted gemstones

Stabilization is the process where the gem is forced to bond using pressure. The material being forced to bond is usually too soft and chalky to use. Reconstituted gemstones on the other hand are made from mixing powders of the real stone and binding them using a binding agent. Coloring agents are usually added to enhance the colors of the stabilized and reconstituted stone. Since most of the units made using this method are fragile, most of them come backed up with materials that make them last longer.

The most common and popular representative of stabilized or reconstituted gemstones is Turquoise.

Enhanced gemstone

This is a real gemstone that has a foil placed underneath it in order to make it look more brilliant or change its color.

Wear Casual Clothes Clubbing

First off, the casual clothes that you choose to wear to go clubbing should have nice colors. If you feel like it, wear something with attractive prints. Perhaps, with a popular saying or an expressive t-shirt or something. Casual clothes that give you a personality boost. Casual clothes that gives you character – no, let me say that again, casual clothes that enhance your personal character.

As long as you don’t choose casual clothes that are either too baggy and the casual clothes should make you look neat and presentable. When you’re wearing casual clothes clubbing, slippers, sandals and sports shoes are totally out of the question, regardless of the attire. The belts and accessories that you have on with your casual clothes will definitely make a big difference to your clubbing experience. Try a nice little casual tank top with cropped khaki pants with large hoop earrings for a change.

You’re not expected to be able to afford the kind of clubbing clothes that a CEO or royalty can afford but it’s essential that you invest in good quality casual clothes for clubbing. The bottom line is your clubbing casual clothes should never be your gym clothes or jeans. Well, ok, sometimes you can pull it off with nicely pressed casual clothes with jeans.

Spice Up Your Fashion

o Since Homo sapiens are unique in every manner, some prefer style to comfort while for the others it’s the reverse. Whereas embellishing your looks with the beach footwear is concerned, there are quite a few ways to do that. For instance opt for the sandals that complement your attire…your designer jeans. If the pair of jeans you are wearing is deep blue in color, aqua shade beach sandals are a wonderful idea. But hey friends color is not just the sole parameter! The cuts and artwork done on your jeans can even be correspond to your beach sandals. The women reef sandals, Chaco sandals, rainbow sandals, women’s clearance sandals and so forth facilitate you with variously crafted sandals to suit your special outfit and make you look gorgeous even in midst of drenching giant waves, perspiring heat and naughty sand that leaves no opportunity to meddle with your looks.

o When it comes to comfort, a pair of simple but soothing sandals is perhaps the best way to pamper your feet. A case in point here can be the Men’s Rainbow Sandals. In order to safeguard all men on the beach from sliding on the slippery mud, these hand made sandals are provided with a non-skid surface that casts the foot and guarantee a perfect fit and walk for almost everybody who wears it. The rainbow sandals are also supplemented with a life assisting parachute stitching, 2k lb test military spec strap and is made up of laminated, closed cell sponge rubber ensuring an excellent grip.

o Besides slipping, another feature that is quite dominant in the field of sale and purchase of sandals is its water proofing capacity and sustainability. The widely used and acclaimed Chaco products are a paradigm example. The Chaco beach footwear for men as well as women are an amalgam of durability, comfort and fashion.

o If your feet are still deprived of amicable beach footwear, you need not worry about it. For now you can shop the sandals online. Almost all the eminent brands that market the beach footwear have displayed the pictures with prices and the range of items available on their respective sites. The sites include the special characteristic of each type of sandal and the details of its purchase online. Most often in order to woo more customers, companies exempt their product from few taxes like sales tax, cost of shipping etc. under certain conditions.

Benefits of Matte Lipstick

Low-maintenance – unlike the glossy alternatives, the matte lipstick has the potential to last a really long time. While it may be necessary to reapply once a day to maintain the best look, there is much less risk of experiencing issues related to cracking, caking, or needing a layer of moisture.

Minimal transfer – this type of lipstick is basically smudge-free. It stays in place after the initial application and is unlikely to spread over the course of the day. It is a great lip product to give the confidence of knowing it will not transfer when going about everyday activities, such as eating a sandwich or drinking a cup of coffee. Other types of lipstick need to be wiped frequently, but this isn’t the case with the matte products.

Natural looking – even though matte lipstick can give a bold look, they are still very effective at creating a natural appearance that is completely different to many of the glossy types.

Warm weather – this lipstick is a practical option to wear on hot summer days. Many of the glossy lipsticks will start to smudge and get easier to remove. This is caused by the heat and when you start to sweat. Even in hot temperatures, the matte lipstick will not heat up and stays in place with no loss of appearance.

More control – it is possible to have a lot more control when it comes to applying this lipstick. If you are using a doe-footed applicator for the glossy type, it can be different to have complete control over the amount of lipstick applied. Applying too much can easily result in a greasy mess. However, this isn’t the case with a matte lipstick because it is easier to apply and will always feel the same whether you need one, two or three layers.

Vintage and Modern Timepieces

Reliability is the first thing to consider while you hunt for the right watch. Vintage watches are precious and they require a lot of maintenance too. As much as you love the idea of having a timeless piece in your hand, you will not want to keep spending more amount in getting it repaired every now and then. Vintage pieces are not as reliable as the modern watches.

If you are looking for something that costs you less in maintenance then your straightforward choice should be the modern watches. The contemporary watches are built with latest technology that is far more durable and reliable than the olden watches. Most of these watches require the replacement of the batteries whereas the other timepieces need routine parts replacement. So vintage watches don’t win the battle here.

The whole purpose of buying a watch is to style your over all look. That is why it is the prime area of focus when you hunt for the watch. Selecting a modern watch or a vintage timepiece will reflect your personal style. While choosing a watch, not only your taste matters but also the kind of collection you already own, plays a crucial role.

If you find yourself completely drawn towards the vintage and antique stores then I guess the selection is quite apparent. However, the vintage timepiece must be serviced before you finally pick it up from a store. But if you want to buy something less complicated then modern watches are available profusely in impeccable designs and concepts to win over your fancy.

Lastly, the features are hugely significantly when it comes down on buying a perfect timepiece. Coherent features, clear screening, and shock and water resistance, these are some of the obligatory features that buyers require in their wrist watches. The timepieces that are from beyond the 50’s is not expected to deliver all such features.

Shopping for Jewelry Online

Saves more money

Of any transaction, the price is a factor and it emerges largely when you are buying them, whether it is a costume for your kid’s school play or a diamond neck piece for a wedding present. Shopping online saves you more by giving you a detailed price information and making it easy to compare what other retailers charge for the same items. As a buyer, you can open multiple tabs in your system, each with an item you are willing to buy and directly compare prices.

Easy comparison

Searching for your favorite piece in various tabs helps in another way; it allows you to compare similar items side – by – side. This is not possible in – store shopping experience. To compare it at a traditional store, it might need some assistance and what gets shown might not represent the complete range of options. For instance, a simple gold ring comes with so many variations that no one store can fulfill your requirement. Online, finding the right piece you need is as simple as typing the keyword. Various jewelry retailers make it easy by offering a search bar on all pages. You just have to drill down their category.

Everything will be in stock

This is another area where online shopping for jewelry excels over in – store purchases is in the high probability that the piece you are looking for is in stock and ready to ship. A retailer might run of that particular piece you have set your heart on, but online jewelers are not limited to the stock.

Shopping at your own pace

Buying gold jewelry is potentially a huge – ticket purchase, and feeling rushed to purchase makes for a rewarding experience. Even if your offline store rep is being mannered, there are still a certain pressure to purchase quickly and go, which can end up to hurried decisions. This pressure is avoided when you shop online. Shopping on the web can be done in private, away from outside tension and without any sense of commitment.

Clothing Trikcs for Short Women

– Your aim is to elongate your body. The most frequent mistake petite women making in terms of clothing is cutting their bodies by using pieces of clothes as jackets and belts in the wrong proportions. Wearing large belts on top of pants or skirts together with blouses of different color is not the best choice as it cuts the body in two parts, drawing attention to the shortness of the figure.

– You should also avoid wearing extra fabric around the waist. You already possess a good amount of volume in this area and the last thing you need adding some more.

– A false myth is the idea that very long skirts make your legs look long. Very long, baggy skirts make your legs look shorter. Long skirts may make you look taller if they go down to the ankle level and if they are straight.

– A good trick to elongate your legs is to wear straight pants that cover your shoes. This will definitely add some extra inches to your legs.

– Mixing colors is permitted for petite women but remember that it is the monochromatic clothing that makes you look taller and slimmer.

– Avoid wearing thick fabric clothing as it adds extra weight to your figure.

– The best trick to elongate your body is to wear vertical lines patterned clothing. But keep in mind not to exaggerate as you will end up looking like a zebra. It is enough to wear a pair of jeans that have a vertical line in the seams and you will create the illusion of a taller person. Just one or two lines are enough to create this illusion. Try to avoid wearing clothing items with multiple vertical lines or mixing two garments with lines pattern.

– If you also have some extra pounds, the best way to hide them is to fit properly the clothing items. Remember that oversize t-shirts don’t hide extra pounds, they make people look baggy, without any shape.

– Too tight means too bad. However very tight clothes are risky too.Properly fitted clothes help you show the best of your body. Never wear clothes that show an open view of your tummy. It will only call attention to this wrong part of your figure.

Care For Pearls

Maintenance Dos

1. Clean your pearl jewelry with a soft, damp cloth. The cloth should not be too wet. When you buy pearl jewelry, then there include a soft cloth with the jewelry which can use for cleaning purposes.

2. Keep your pearl jewelry in a separate pouch or box. A pearl’s surface is not very hard, so it’s easy to be damaged by other pieces of jewelry if you store them together. According to the Mohs hardness scale, pearls, or Calcite, are only on level 3, which is right between a fingernail and a copper penny. Diamonds are on level 10. Wrap pearls with a soft cloth and store separately.

3. Pearls are living organisms, so they need fresh air to breathe. Take them out of their storage space and wear at least once every season; otherwise, the color of the pearls will quickly start to change over time.

4. When dressing and undressing, put on your pearl jewelry last and take them off first. This will help them keep their luster. Cosmetics such as skin products, makeup, and perfume may have an erosive effect on pearls. Pearls can absorb these chemicals, so try not to let it get in contact with cosmetics.

Maintenance Don’ts

1. Don’t use direct water to clean the pearl’s surface. Pearls can absorb the water which is difficult to dry out again, and can, therefore, cause fermentation inside the pearls. Fermentation will cause the pearls to change color and lose their luster. Clean as described in point 1 above.

2. Don’t let the pearls lie under direct sunlight for a prolonged period or store them in a too dry place, as this will cause pearls to lose the water inside. Since pearls consist of only 4{f95f0d13e6b7a5469a57257c0b88fbb858e6caa7ded06782b5a17c4100f0dc11} water, drying out will cause them to lose their luster.

3. During storage, don’t hang pearl necklaces but rather store them inside a pouch lying flat. The silk thread may become slack if hung for an extended period. Check the thread every two to three years to see if the thread is still in good condition and change if necessary. The last thing you want is for the thread to break and lose your pearl beads.

4. Don’t give up on your pearls if they start to turn yellow. Pearls can be immersed in diluted hydrochloric acid, which will cause the outside nacre layers to melt off so the inside luster can come out again. Your necklace will look new again. If you don’t know how to do this, rather leave it to the professionals!

Platinum Rings

The strength and high melting point of this metal is what caught the attention of many scientists, but with plenty of extraction challenges of pure platinum, delays in use were experienced till the end of the 18th century. In 1786, the first successful extraction was made by Pierre-Francois Chabaneu and in good amount for that matter. He later presented Pope Pius VI with a platinum chalice and went ahead to establish a production company to start the platinum age in Spain. From here it started being used in different items including royal crowns and utensils, military aircraft and engagement rings.

This precious metal is rare and remains to be amongst the rarest on the planet. This rarity coupled with its tedious and prolonged extraction makes it amongst the most valuable substances too. Platinum rings have brought in lots of competition to its gold counterpart with most people including celebrities now choosing platinum engagement rings as romantic gestures and status symbols.

Platinum rings have become very popular majorly because of their high quality finish that makes them stand out from other rings. These rings are also quite low in maintenance, making them some of the best for every day rings like wedding bands and engagement rings. The metal also has hypo-allergenic properties. These properties push their popularity to the top of the list, especially for individuals with sensitive skin. While such people face problems wearing the other metals, they find comfort in platinum rings making a huge difference.

Platinum rings are versatile in terms of design. They can be made into any desired design without losing their quality and elegance. You will find impressive collections of trendy engagement rings so you would be lucky enough to have one designed just for you and to your exact specifications. Platinum is shiny and silky although not that shimmery. This white metal is therefore very easy to work with any outfit considering you will be wearing your engagement ring or wedding band every single day of your life. The gorgeous metal makes the fingers stand out compared to what sterling silver or white gold can achieve. You will love how unique the rings look on and off.

Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are the hardest naturally made substance on earth. This is what makes them great for jewelry, but also makes them great for other things, too. Industrial companies that drill through the earth may sometimes use diamonds since they are so hard. If you are imagining a huge diamond shaped like a drill bit, this is not very accurate! These companies simply incorporate diamonds into their drill bits in order to make them more durable. Dentists may also use diamonds in order to drill through teeth. Human teeth are pretty durable so it will take some pretty tough material to drill through them or to remove them if necessary. People who are getting veneers may end up being drilled on with diamonds. How fancy is that?

Loose diamonds have to come a long way before you see them in your local jewelry store. They actually come from deep within the earth: about one hundred miles beneath, to be more clear! They begin as carbon molecules and since they are exposed to such extreme conditions (like heat and pressure), they bond together in a lattice-structure that make them more durable than ever so they can survive these conditions. You may be wondering how they get from the center of the earth to closer to the surface though, and the answer is volcanic eruptions. These eruptions thrust the carbon molecules that have since turned to rough diamonds closer toward the surface of the earth so diamond miners can only dig a couple hundred feet instead of miles to find their prizes. Once the loose diamonds are excavated, they will be cut, polished and sold to the massive diamond distributors that provide them to your local jewelry stores for you to enjoy.